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Night works continue on dual-carriageway in Bedford 31 March 2023

Multi discipline approach to noise barrier renewal scheme

Ivor King is currently working on a noise barrier renewal scheme on a dual-carriageway near Bedford.

This is a dual job comprising both bored concrete piles and steel sheet piles being installed over a total of six phases.

To carry out this work safely, it has been necessary to work nightshifts, whilst temporary overnight road closures are in place.

Using our compact and versatile ABI TM13 Leader Rig, we have been boring holes to a depth of 2 metres, after which concrete is poured into the open hole. A reinforced steel cage is then plunged into the wet concrete.

Improving the local environment

The composite panels of the new barrier will have an expected life span of 30 years (three times that of the noise barrier being replaced), and be made from recycled waste material, reducing plastics going to landfill. It will also reduce noise and the risk of glare onto local roads.

Work is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

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