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Installation & equipment

Our Installation Methods Considerations in choosing the right technique for each specific project

Site specific restrictions, ground conditions and design considerations will be reviewed when designing your piling solution. Together they play a part in determining the best installation methods for each project. Our wholly owned and operated piling equipment, together with our own fleet of heavy haulage vehicles allows us to react quickly and deploy the correct plant and equipment, providing the right installation technique to meet your project needs.

Our various methods of installation use specific types of pile driving equipment, each having their own benefits and operational merits. These include silent hydraulic press-in, impact hammers and vibratory pile drivers.

Whilst it is recognised that in common with most civil engineering projects, a measure of flexibility is desirable to meet site conditions; every precaution must be taken to maintain the necessary standards of safety, whilst also producing the correct alignment and verticality of the installed piles. A principal consideration of our piling solutions is given to plant and labour access, to ensure a particular pile can be pitched and driven safely and accurately.

Our ongoing commitment to forward investment means we can offer a range of wholly owned and operated state-of-the-art plant and equipment, giving complete flexibility to apply the correct engineering solution to meet the needs of your project.

Not only is the choice of installation method important in a successful pile installation, maintaining the safety of our team and others, whilst minimising environmental disturbance, it must also meet the engineering needs of your project.

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Piling Solutions