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Conventional Square

Key Benefits & Advantages

Enables driving of sheet piles in panels to ensure alignment and verticality

Vibratory or impact hammers can be used for sheet pile installation

Installation of sheet piles can be remote where working platforms cannot be constructed on the pile line.

Long, high modulus piles can be used with this method

Digital reporting to monitor pile installation

Traditional and long-established method of sheet piling that ensures a high tolerance installation

Conventional Sheet Piling, also known as Panel Driving, uses a temporary piling gate to install sheet piles in panels, using wailings and trestles to guide them during the pitching process. During the driving cycle, the sheet piles are secured in position by the piling gate and guided by previously installed piles to give a high degree of accuracy.

Sheet piles are slotted into a temporary piling gate by means of a crawler crane, then installed in pre-assembled panels using a hydraulic vibratory hammer. The sheet piles are then driven to depth with a hydraulic impact hammer. The Conventional Sheet Piling technique is particularly suited to challenging ground conditions.

Despite the emergence of new technology, the long-established method of conventional piling is frequently the best way to ensure all sheet piles are installed to a high tolerance in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

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