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Steel Bearing Piles (

Key Benefits & Advantages

Provide excellent load resistance and high strength in both compression and tension

Delivered to site ready for installation and can be loaded immediately after driving

Can easily be shortened or extended on-site to suit varying ground conditions

Environmentally responsible solution for structural piled foundations

Suitable for very hard ground conditions

Can overcome access restrictions

Economical skin friction may negate the requirement to drive to great depths in order to find bearing strata

Our steel pile solutions are ideally suited to projects where complex structures, axial loading or difficult ground conditions mean traditional foundations are unsuitable.

Steel driven piles provide a fast and cost-effective solution to the distribution of vertical loads. Using skin friction, driven piles are not required to bear upon solid strata, which may be a considerable depth beneath surface level.

Our technical and practical expertise enable us to offer a complete package from design to installation of driven steel piles whether tubular or universal columns (UC) /bearing (UC) piles.

Bearing piles are often installed using a vibratory hammer with a final drive to level/refusal using a hydraulic impact hammer, are ideal foundations for lightweight buildings. Building loads can be transferred through piles caps and into the bearing piles. They provide an environmentally responsible solution because they’re a displacement pile, which generates no spoil arisings and can also be extracted and reused.

The bearing piles, after installation, can be tested to verify pile design axial capacity resistance, to allow the quick construction of remaining foundation/substructure works.

Universal Bearing Piles are also used in ‘King Post’ or ‘Soldier Pile’ retaining wall solutions. Wherever hard soil or bedrock conditions exist, a ‘King Post’ wall is formed by drilling a hole at defined centres, filling it with concrete and installing a UB/UC pile. Between these King Posts concrete infill panels or steel sheet piles can be installed. King Post centres can be from 1.0m to 3.0m depending on the project requirements.

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