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King Post

Key Benefits & Advantages

Fast, versatile and cost effective solution in soils which may be challenging for traditional sheet pile retaining wall methods

Virtually silent and vibrationless

Can be constructed in tight boundary conditions up against existing structures with minimum deflection and damage

Can be used as bearing piles for superstructure support for steel frame buildings therefore avoiding the construction of in-situ pile caps

Can be constructed from a low level piling platform, avoiding the costs associated with building up platform levels when constructing contiguous piled walls

Suitable in different ground conditions including hard rock

Can be designed and constructed with various rig sizes to allow for restricted site access but still achieves the retaining requirements when using larger rigs

Can be tied back using ground anchors, enabling large retaining heights to be supported

Suitable for the construction of acoustic fences

Ready for immediate follow-on construction

King Post Walls, made up of king posts (sometimes referred to as ‘soldier piles’) and infill panels, are often used when hard ground conditions dictate, to offer a cost effective earth retention system, used as either a permanent or temporary solution.

Where sheet piles are unable to penetrate, the ground can be drilled, allowing a post to be installed at pre-determined centres, then horizontally in-filled with a panel lining system using a variety of methods, including;

  • Pre-cast concrete – made to suit exact sizes
  • Architectural precast – with formed finish to meet the requirements of the client
  • Steel sheet piles – generally lighter than concrete panels and can be extracted for reuse
  • Timber – new wood or recycled timber can be used (such as railway sleepers)
  • Cladding – panels can be clad with a huge variety of products from stone and brick, to plastics and coloured glass.

King Post Walls may be used for many different retention applications and heights in a variety of ground conditions and are ideally suited to hard driving in difficult ground conditions, including rock. This type of retaining wall is ideal for industrial and commercial use, including housing projects.

Our powerful double rotary head piling rigs may be used to bore most soil and rock types.

Our King Post Walls are designed to Eurocode Standards.

Sheet Pile Hire & Sales Our dedicated hire and sales division is on hand to support all your temporary and permanent sheet pile needs

We are able to supply a wide variety of size, weight and grade of steel in both new mill certified piles and excellent quality used stock at competitive rates
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