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Hydraulic Press Square

Key Benefits & Advantages

A powerful silent, vibration-free solution with a force of up to 80 tonnes for effective installation and extraction of U & Z profiles in panels of up to four piles

Leader guided system reduces interlock friction and produces high quality installation

Fast and efficient process delivering significant productivity and commercial benefits

Numerous environmental benefits:

Sheet piles can be installed close to property boundaries, maximising the development footprint

Reduced vibration and noise help to mitigate any party wall issues

Sheet piles can be installed with minimal arisings; significantly reducing disposal or land fill costs

On extraction of the piles, the site can be returned to the original ‘greenfield’ condition

An alternative silent, vibration-free pressing solution may be offered by the used of a Telescopic Leader Rig fitted with a Hydraulic Press attachment.

Our extensive range of rigs each have a 360 degree tracked base unit to which a telescopic mast is fitted. Attaching a hydraulic press that applies a ‘downward’ force of up to 80 tonnes allows pressing of the steel sheet pile into the ground without vibration. Sheet piles are installed in panels of four, simultaneously.

The downward pressing force requires an equal and opposite reaction. Most of this reaction force is provided by the combined weight of the rig, down-crowd hydraulic force and skin friction against previously installed sheet piles. As the penetration of the pile panel advances, the skin friction between the reaction piles and the ground becomes the key factor in developing an adequate total reaction.

Once all of the piles in the group are advanced by the full stroke of all the hydraulic cylinders, the entire pressing devise retracts ready to repeat the cycle. With the pile panel installed, the next panel of four piles can be positioned and the whole process is repeated.

The leader rig guides and provides excellent pile alignment that minimises interlock friction, therefore creating a robust method of installation.

Plant Equipment Our Leader Rig Mounted Hydraulic Press Equipment & Rig Specification Guide

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