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Sheet Pile Basement

Key Benefits & Advantages

Potential cost and programme savings over alternative piling solutions

May eliminate requirement for any temporary earthworks support

Maximises basement footprint area

Offers a simple waterproofing solution

Environmentally friendly using 100% recycled steel

Axially loaded sheet piles eliminate requirement for further localised bearing piles

Reduced volumes of excavation and disposal costs

Eliminates requirement for reinforced concrete structural/lining walls

Utilisation of modern installation methods using state-of-the-art piling technology mitigates party wall sound and vibration issues.

Our expertise in the design and construction of steel sheet pile basements makes us one of the leading providers of this service in the UK.

Steel sheet piles are primarily designed to retain horizontal soil loads but will also bear vertical superstructure loads. Applications for this solution include underground car parks, residential basements, anaerobic digesters, pumping stations and storage tanks.

Steel sheet pile basement solutions can save time and money over traditional reinforced concrete basement construction. This is in part due to our ability to offer a range of installation techniques where our specialist equipment allows us to operate in restricted and challenging locations. Steel sheet piles can be installed from existing ground level, with retaining structures emplace prior to any excavation.

Ivor King can install a range of systems depending on the degree of waterproofing required. Basement design will vary depending on the end use and grade of waterproofing required. Our designers can provide guidance and design details for pre-installed sheet pile clutch sealants and clutch welding, along with steel to reinforced concrete floor slab details. Each of these construction details falls in line with waterproofing requirements of BS 8102:1990 ‘Code of Practice for Protection of Structures Against Water from the Ground’.

All of our designs are carried out to the relevant British Standards, Eurocodes, and current Industry Standards. A full insurance-backed warranty can be provided for all our permanent basement solutions, covering both design and installation.

Mitigation Against Party Wall Issues

Many urban locations are subject to restrictions which may affect construction methods. Party Wall Agreements and Section 61 (Control of Pollution) Notices can impose noise and vibration limits which, on first glance, could rule out any sheet piling offering. However, our silent vibration-free piling capabilities offer the perfect solution to this challenge. Low vibration methods may also be considered along with concrete bored pile or CFA piling solutions.

Ivor King can offer real-time remote monitoring of noise and vibration level whereby preset staged audible and visual alarms at the machine control can be deployed to measure and record activities on site.

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