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Piling solutions

Key Benefits & Advantages

Piles of any size and length may be constructed on site, offering speed and versatility and providing an cost effective solution suitable for most ground conditions.

No arisings from the piling operations, equating to savings on disposal costs

Suitable in soils with poor drainage qualities, since they do not significantly disturb surrounding soil

Possible damage due to driving and handling with pre-cast material is eliminated

Displacement piles are the preferred option in contaminated ground

Potential cost savings relating to the disposal of arisings, particularly on brownfield sites where spoil removal is best avoided

A good alternative to stone columns where peat and organic soils are prevalent

Suitable where founding at high level is required to avoid boring into aquifers

Can be used to support foundations and floor slabs for all types of structures

Ideal for short construction programmes requiring fast track installation and high production levels

Provides settlement control for embankments in conjunction with load transfer platforms

Ivor King are specialists in the provision of driven cast in-situ concrete piles, which are constructed by driving a closed-ended hollow steel casing into the ground and then filling it with concrete. The casing may be left in position to form part of the pile, or withdrawn for reuse as the concrete is placed. The concrete is then rammed into position by a hammer as the casing is withdrawn ensuring firm contact with the soil and the compaction of the concrete.

This method is particularly suited to regeneration sites where ground obstructions would otherwise damage pre-formed piles. Concrete piles of up to 600mm diameter and to 25m length are achievable using our technologically advanced hydraulic hammers.

If required, a former can be placed on top to form a pile head of up to 100mm diameter, which is ideal for supporting floor slabs without punching shear. Heads can be formed to a tolerance of +0/-25mm.

All of our hydraulic hammer rigs have a digital instrumentation system which provides a continuous display of depth, driving resistance and set.  The use of this instrumentation system can help to reduce or eliminate static load tests.

Vibro Concrete Columns

Vibro Concrete Columns (VCC) is an innovative piling technique developed to provide enhanced load bearing capacity at shallow depths, by the use of enlarged bases. This form of driven piling solution is used where weak organic soils overlie granular deposits.

The VCCs are constructed using a vibroflot connected to a concrete pump. The concrete is pumped into the ground via a tremie pipe attached to the vibroflot. Through repeated lifts and re-penetration of the vibroflot into the concrete, an enlarged toe is formed at the base of the column, typically measuring 600mm in diameter in granular soils.

VCCs are a development made from adapting the bottom feed Vibro Stone Column method and can be used as a ground improvement solution, particularly in weak organic soils or where environmental considerations and contaminants preclude the use of permeable stone columns.

Vibro Concrete Columns cast in-situ act as load bearing piles and can be installed with enlarged bases and heads for tying to pile caps or ground beams. Column diameters vary according to soil conditions, but generally the weaker the soils conditions, the larger the column required.

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Piling Solutions