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Piling Solutions

Key Benefits & Advantages

Cost effective solution for any lateral loading

Increased load bearing capacity compared to the precast equivalent

No arisings from the piling operation, saving on disposal costs

Displacement piles are the preferred option in contaminated ground

Piles of any size and length may be installed

Possible damage due to driving and handling with pre-cast material is eliminated

Suitable in soils of poor drainage qualities since they do no significantly disturb surrounding soil

Tubular Steel Piles

Whilst being suitable for withstanding large axial loads, tubular piles are also appropriate for accommodating significant horizontal loads and vertical tension loads, induced by large bending moments/horizontal reactions and uplift/heave reactions respectively. Utilising recycled steel tube can also deliver both cost effective and environmental benefits.

These piles are also suitable for driving in difficult or uncertain ground conditions up to 50m deep. Hard driving conditions and obstructions or boulders can also be dealt with when driving tubes.

Piles may be top driven to ‘set’ or length using purpose-built rigs with hydraulic hammers. The internal void can subsequently be filled with concrete or grout if required, with reinforcement incorporated for bonding into pile cap or ground beams. Normally the tubular piles are driven open ended so that a soil plug is rapidly formed. In exceptional circumstances the open end can be closed using a welded steel plate.

H Piles

H Piles are structural steel columns that are driven into the ground for deep foundation applications. Most soils at or near the surface do not have the mechanical properties to support the vertical loads required for large buildings. H Piles are manufactured and designed to transfer structural loads to deep bearing strata, as their defined isotropic material properties resist compressive, tensile and lateral forces.

H Piles may also be used in conjunction with sheet piles to add lateral stiffness and bending resistance where loading exceeds the capacity of sheet piles alone.

Our Piling Solutions Check out our full range of multi-disciplined Piling Solutions. Whatever your piling project, we’re your people.