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New 50T Kobelco installs CFA Piles 9 November 2022

Ivor King working next to live dual-carriageway

As part of ongoing highway improvements, a pedestrian footbridge crossing the Nene Parkway in Peterborough is being replaced, to allow construction of an extra northbound lane on the dual-carriageway.

The new footbridge will be built alongside the existing bridge with elevated approach ramps to comply with current standards and provide adequate headroom to the carriageway beneath. The new span will be supported by reinforced concrete foundation piles installed by Ivor King.

Leader mast technology bringing benefits and savings

In total, 22 bearing piles undertaken by the CFA method were delivered to the project using our brand new Kobelco SK500LC-11 excavator fitted with a multi-purpose leader mast, rotary drive and hollow stem auger.

Using this state-of-the-art equipment brought many advantages. The long reach of this powerful 50T excavator is far greater than a traditional leader or bored piling rig, meaning the base machine could stand further back from the embankments adjacent to the road. This negated the need for expensive piling platforms from which to operate to be constructed.

All piling works were completed during normal working hours, without the need for any carriageway closures or lane restrictions.

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