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Ivor King’s Giken ‘Full GRB System’ goes to work in Wales 12 June 2023

A decade of Silent Piling investment

Over the last 10 years we have made significant investment into silent and vibration-free piling equipment made by Giken.

This state-of-the-art technology utilises reaction force from previously installed piles to press-in piles, rather than using impact or vibration hammers, the result of which is a significantly reduced environmental distress factor to the surrounding area.

What’s more, installation of sheet piles is carried out whilst the self-moving machine is clamped on top of the previously installed piles. An extension of this is the Full GRB (Giken Reaction Base) System, which works on the principle of a footprint free installation. That is to say all piling procedures, including pile transportation, pile pitching and press-in work are possible from on top of installed piles.

How it works

The silent piler and power pack are followed by a special clamp crane which also sits atop the piles, to pitch sheet piles to the silent piler. Sheet piles are loaded onto a pile runner, which transports piles along the top of the previously installed pile line, ready for lifting into position by the clamp crane, which is able to slew in either direction.

Because this set-up is compact in nature, it is particularly effective on sites with limited access and tight, narrow working conditions, especially over water or on sloping ground.

Seen here is Ivor King’s new Full GRB System being put to work on its first project in Newport, Wales.

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