On-street parking, tight turns and limited access

In the Norfolk seaside town of Great Yarmouth, Ivor King worked on a scheme to install a sheet pile flood defence wall around a locally historic building, whose foundations have been badly compromised by tidal erosion from the adjacent River Yare.

Pairs of ‘Z’ section piles up to 23.5m in length were required to be delivered into site, originating from our yard in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.

The steel sheet piles, weighing over 6 tonnes per pair had to be delivered into a site located in a residential area, featuring on-street parking, tight turns and limited access, presenting considerable logistical challenges for our transport team.

Before work started as part of our due diligence, we visited site to ascertain the route in, how any obstacles or obstructions could be avoided, and the exact path the vehicle and trailer would need to take to be able to get into site. Once the requisite route planning had been agreed and was in place, this culminated in a ‘dry run’ with an articulated lorry and trailer, unladen but extended to the required length, to put theory into practice.

It was certainly tight, but with some traffic management (and some persuasion to local residents not to park in particular pinch points!) we confirmed that it was possible. The special extendable trailer owned by Ivor King and selected for the job is ideal for delivering into places where access is tight and limited manoeuvrability is an issue, having rear power hydraulic steering.

The sheet piles were expertly loaded and unloaded at either end by means of a large crawler crane and were delivered in stacks of 3 pairs, this being necessary to overcome weight restrictions. The load was accompanied by an Escort Vehicle at all times.

Equipped to deliver

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable drivers are CPCS trained, ensuring they comply with stringent loading and unloading protocols, and that correct method statements are observed and best practice followed at all times. Furthermore, we’re FORS Silver accredited (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) which confirms we can confidently demonstrate dedication to driver and vehicle safety, combined with a commitment to improving operating practices.


Client Ivor King / JN Bentley

Location Grist Mill, Great Yarmouth

Sector Transport

Plant Utilised MAN TGX Tractor Unit Broshuis Rear Power-Steer Triple Extender Trailer