Helping protect the coast

Exmouth has a long history of tidal flooding. The Exmouth Tidal Defence Scheme is a £12 million programme to improve flood defences and reduce the risk of tidal flooding to over to over 1,400 residential and 400 commercial properties in the Devon coastal town of Exmouth, supported by the Environment Agency working in partnership with East Devon District Council to deliver the scheme.

Ivor King installed a new set-back sheet pile flood wall in an area vulnerable to surge tide flooding during storms. The new defences were designed in such a way as to stop flood water from flowing down nearby roads. The sea wall was later timber clad for improved aesthetics.

Combining different methods of sheet piling

In total, over 180 steel sheet piles were installed using a combination of methodology. Whilst far enough away from surrounding buildings, piles were driven by means of a Movax Vibratory Hammer mounted to an excavator.  However, once piling works moved towards adjacent properties, the last 30 linear metres were installed using a Hydro-Press mounted to a Telescopic Leader Rig, with pre-augering taking place to initially loosen soils.

The Hydro-Press presses piles to design level in panels of four using hydraulic rams in a ‘silent’ reduced vibration methodology. This was necessary to protect adjacent properties from the effects of vibration which was monitored throughout via use of a seismograph.

Client Kier Infrastructure

Location Camperdown Terrace, Exmouth

Sector Flood Alleviation

Project Cost c. £100k

Completion Date July 2019

Project Period 2 Weeks

Plant Utilised ABI TM 14/17B Telescopic Leader Rig ABI HPU600 Hydro-Press Excavator Mounted Movax Vibratory Hammer Vibrock V901 Seismograph