A500 Staffordshire

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Osborne for Highways England
A500, Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Roads & Highways
Project Cost:
Circa £950k
Completion Date:
August 2019
Project Period:
12 weeks

Installation of two permanent sheet pile retaining walls next to a live dual carriageway

Plant Utilised:

2 x Giken ECO700S Supercrush Silent Pilers
2 x AGD Telescopic Crawler Cranes

A500 Staffordshire

When you’re simultaneously installing two sheet piles walls on the edge of a live dual carriageway in close proximity to residential properties, your installation method needs to be silent, vibration-free and environmentally sympathetic.

Add hard ground conditions into the mix and you’re going to need our Giken Supercrush solution.

As part of Highways England improvement works to add extra lanes to the A500 in Staffordshire, we installed two permanent retaining walls on the Northern and Southern sections of the road.

Using state-of-the-art Giken Silent Piling technology, we installed over 600 sheet piles virtually vibration-free next to the dual carriageway – a major route carrying traffic between the M6 and the Stoke-on-Trent district.

To overcome the adverse ground conditions the ‘Supercrush’ mode was used to simultaneously pre-auger the ground as the piles were pressed in. This silent, vibration-free and environmentally friendly installation method offered minimal disturbance to local residents and the travelling public. The carriageway also remained open throughout our piling works.

Our clients, Osborne said, ‘This technique was selected on our project not only because it was quiet and caused no vibration, but also because it eliminated the need for a separate machine to pre-auger the ground prior to sheet pile driving. It also eliminated the need for a working platform as the piling rig is supported by the sheet piles; particularly beneficial when working adjacent to the very busy dual carriageway.’

Ivor King are the only owners of Giken Supercrush Silent Piling Technology in the UK and the largest in Europe.

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  • Aerial photography and video supplied to Ivor King by our video partners OctoVision Media