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10 Years of Giken Silent Piling Investment 9 December 2022

A decade at the leading edge of Silent Piling

This month marks 10 years since we purchased our first Giken Silent Piler.

Increasingly, a silent and vibration-free installation technique is becoming the norm when working in close proximity to homes, businesses and other sensitive structures.

That’s why we’ve heavily invested over the last decade into this state-of-the-art equipment, placing us at the leading edge in the use of silent piling technology and in particular Supercrush – a vibration-free method of installing sheet piles into challenging grounds, up to and including rock.

Giken Silent Piling Vibration-free installation of sheet piles, including hard ground when coupled with Supercrush equipment

Ideal for residential or built up areas, and near sensitive structures where noise and vibration would be an issue.
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