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Collosal sheet piles at Great Yarmouth 7 October 2022

Dealing with the effects of tidal erosion

Our team are currently in the Norfolk seaside town of Great Yarmouth installing a sheet pile flood defence wall around a locally historic building, whose foundations have been badly compromised by tidal erosion from the adjacent River Yare.

Pairs of ‘Z’ section piles up to 23.5m in length are being installed by one of our mighty double-crush silent pilers. These massive sheet piles are being lifted over the three-storey building in pairs straight into the chuck of the Giken by two 300 tonne Weldex crawler cranes. To put that in context, each pair of sheet piles weigh the equivalent of a large elephant and are more than twice the length of a London bus!

Aerial Photography shows scale of work

Here’s a selection of aerial photography capturing work in progress. These impressive photos were taken by our friends at OctoVision Media as part of filming for an upcoming video of this unique project.

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