Giken Supercrush Silent Piling Solutions

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Ivor King own and operate NINE silent Giken piling machines, seven with Supercrush capability.

We use Giken Supercrush Silent Piling technology – a further development of the vibrationless piling process, utilising an integral rock auger housed inside a casing to penetrate hard ground. The press-in action is carried out while simultaneously extracting the auger. This technique enables silent piling into rock and allows sheet piles to be designed to take significant vertical loads.

This technology uses the unique concept of ‘Coring Theory’ whereby the hydraulic press-in simultaneously takes place with augering. This makes sheet pile installation possible in very hard ground conditions, enabling the installation of sheet piles in otherwise impossible conditions.

This method allows silent/vibration-free pile installation in both cohesive and cohesionless soils, with SPT values from N = 0 – 100+ and hard rock with UCS results up to 90MPa.

Press-in piling is an excellent method to avoid noise and vibration problems when driving sheet piles at sensitive sites. As the sheet piles can be permanently installed in close proximity to buildings and boundaries, this solution is ideally suited for creating additional space in basements for property development. This solution has the potential to offer major commercial benefits, which can be of more value than the cost of the wall itself.

Ivor King are the leading industry specialists in the use of Giken Supercrush Silent Piling technology, having invested heavily in Giken Silent Piling equipment in recent years.

Key Benefits & Advantages of Giken Supercrush Silent Piling Solutions

  • Noise and vibration free – ideal solution in environmentally sensitive areas such as deep basement constructions
  • Ability to work remotely from access roads where there is restricted access
  • Ideal for use over water
  • Suits both cohesive and granular soils
  • Effective reduction of 'toe' resistance allows the piles to be pressed-in with minimum soil disturbance and limited soil removal
  • Digital reporting to monitor energy and overall project efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly – advanced diesel power unit conforming to exhaust emission standard EEC97 / 68E

Our Giken Supercrush Silent Piling Equipment Specification Guide

Giken ECO700S

3 x Giken ECO700S

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Giken F301

3 x Giken F301

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Silent Piling - Ivor King

Giken SCZ 675

Double Z Piler

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