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Driven piling solutions may be used to support buildings, tanks, towers and bridges, and to provide lateral support for earth retention walls. Steel sheet piles and soldier piles are the most common type of driven piles for this application.

Our driven pile solutions are principally Concrete or Steel (Tubular, Sheet Pile and H-Beam) and are all manufactured in accordance with up to date National Standards.

Key Benefits & Advantages of Driven Piling Solutions

  • Piles of any size and length may be constructed on site, therefore offering speed and versatility providing a cost effective solution which is suitable for most ground conditions
  • Possible damage due to driving and handling with pre-cast materials is eliminated
  • Suitable in soils with poor drainage qualities, as they do no significantly disturb the surrounding soil
  • Driven piles are the most favoured system over water, for example piles over wharf structures or jetties.

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