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Bored piling is a method of construction which utilises reinforced concrete piles to support high buildings bearing heavy vertical loads. Bored piling can be applied to a wide range of ground conditions and is often used to overcome unstable or difficult soil strata.

In addition to providing foundation piles, retaining walls and earth retention systems can be formed using the bored piling method. Such retaining walls may be either Contiguous or Secant. A contiguous wall is formed by installing closely spaced bored piles, with a small gap between adjacent piles. In contrast, a secant pile wall is formed by installing overlapping bored piles where water tightness is a requirement.

A bored pile is an extension of the displacement piling technique and encompasses Rotary (sometimes called Large Diameter Auger LDA), CFA (Continuous Flight Auger), SFA (Sectional Flight Auger), Mini (Restricted Mini Piling – Micro Piles), DTH – Odex (Down The Hole Hammer) and Grab.  Individual techniques have their own specific merits in the environment they’re required to work.

Our bored piling services are operated by an experienced and dedicated team with extensive specialist knowledge of the bored piling industry. We offer the best solution to meet your needs using a large database of site investigations and test pile results. We can assist you through each stage of the project, from initial feasibility and design to final completion.

Ivor King offer a range of Bored and CFA piling services that integrate with our sheet piling solutions.

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