Inland Waterways & Marine Piling Solutions

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With over 40 years experience of inland waterways and marine piling, we’ll work with you to identify the best solution for your flood defence and water retention requirements.

Our experience includes harbour and dock wall stabilisation, quay walls, cofferdams, jetties, slipways and mooring dolphins; working in tidal and inter-tidal zones as well as land-based installations.

We own and operate a wide range of specialist equipment that allows us to operate safely and efficiently over water. This includes an extensive fleet of Uniflote pontoons which can be configured to carry plant such as MEWPs, excavators, and crawler cranes. Along with our work boats, our fleet of pontoons enables multiple floating platforms to be supplied quickly and economically, speeding up project installation time.

Conventional Piling from Pontoons

Returning to our roots of conventional piling, using lattice booms crawler cranes operating crane suspended vibro and impact hammers. We can mobilise our Uniflote pontoons to form a floating working platform for our 70 tonne crawler cranes. We successfully undertake conventional piling installation on inland waterways, lakes and reservoirs, often working in conservation areas and environmentally sensitive settings. Our Uniflote pontoons along with our work boats are used to transport piles from the lay down area to the piling operation, ensuring an efficient and cost effective piling installation.  We can install both permanent and temporary sheet piling solutions using our crawler cranes, often working alongside our excavator mounted Movax vibro hammers or Telescopic Leader Rigs.

GIKEN Self Supporting Press-In System 

A revolutionary approach to waterway and marine piling environments where restricted site access is an issue.

We own and operate five GIKEN silent piling machines developed to enable the plant to ‘walk’ over the top of the driven steel sheet piles. This solution represents a means by which sheet piles can be installed over water with less noise, reduced vibration and minimal temporary works.

The GIKEN uses hydraulic rams to press in each successive pile to design depth, using a pitch and drive procedure whilst walking on the previously installed piles. The machine travels forward without any crane support, enabling work to be independently and remotely operated from one fixed landward point, thus eliminating the need for floating marine equipment. Alternatively, staging can be fixed to the body of the GIKEN machines allowing piling personnel to access the machinery on a safe platform.

We own and operate the largest fleet of Giken Silent Piling equipment of any piling contractor in Europe. Together with our own heavy haulage capability means we can quickly mobilise throughout the UK, adhering to any programme requirements.

Key Benefits & Advantages of Inland Waterways & Marine Piling Solutions

  • Our GIKEN equipment offers the perfect solution for use over water, with the ability to work remotely from access roads or where there is restricted site access
  • Noise and vibration free - ideal solution in environmentally sensitive areas such as housing developments in marinas
  • Ideally suited to loose or cohesive and granular soils
  • Can be equipped with integral auger system to work in extremely difficult subsoil conditions
  • Environmentally friendly - advanced diesel power unit conforming to exhaust emission EEC / 68E standards

Plant & Equipment Hire

If you're looking to hire equipment to achieve your project goals, we offer an extensive range to meet your needs. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we'll be happy to recommend what you'll need to get the job done, all at competitive prices.

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