Tolworth Premier Inn

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JJ Rhatigan
Tolworth, Surbiton, United Kingdom
Project Cost:
251k - £500k
Completion Date:
May 2016
Project Period:
40 Days

Installation of AZ18-700, AZ26-700 and bored cfa piles to form basement wall and foundation bearing for a new eight storey Premier Inn building located near Kingston upon Thames.

Plant Utilised:

Leader Rig, Crawler Crane, CFA Rig

Tolworth Premier Inn

The Challenge from the Client

The site of a former garage required considerable clearance before construction work could commence. An adjacent road leading to a bus station, builders merchants and ready mixed concrete plant was owned by Network Rail. The periphery of the site sloped by 3.0 metres from one corner to another.

Design and install a sheet piled solution which would retain the varying ground levels and provide vertical load bearing capacity for part of the 8 storey building whilst integrating the installation with the cfa bored piles in a restricted area, satisfying strict criteria imposed by Network Rail.

The Ivor King Solution

Utilising a limited depth pre-auger, sheet piles up to 12m long were installed into London Clay with a leader rig mounted variable frequency vibro-pile hammer. Demolition rubble already present on site was compacted forming a piling mat for both the sheet pile and CFA rigs.

By employing two leader rigs and co-ordinating the movement of plant on and off site, Ivor King successfully installed the sheet piles and bored piles well within the timescale allowed for by the client. The use of a single contractor for both steel and concrete piling enabled both the programme time and transport cost to be reduced.