Heron Hill Housing

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Balmonza Ltd
Belvedere, United Kingdom
Project Cost:
51k - £250k
Completion Date:
April 2016
Project Period:
7 Days

Installation of 97nr 8-9m long piles to support an embankment in Belverdere, Kent to enable construction of housing at the site of the former Leather Bottle Public House.

Plant Utilised:

Giken silent pile walker, 70t crawler crane

Heron Hill Housing

The Challenge from the Client

Mobilise quickly and install a sheet pile retaining wall on the side of an embankment with limited access. Installation should be silent and vibration-free. The client already had a design for the sheet piled retaining wall, but it required alteration as the driveability of the piles in the granular soils had not been considered.

The Ivor King Solution

Utilise our Giken pile walker to press in the sheet piles enabled the installation to take place without extensive costly earthworks to level off the sloping ground. Access from one end of the sheet pile wall was all that was required for the heavy lifting of the equipment. Ivor King’s own 70t crawler crane was sited on an engineered hardstanding and serviced the installation.